Partnering to Build Better

Precision Design Consultants are consultants first!

Our initial service is providing guidance to help our clients make informed decisions. Our team has experience in both the construction and design worlds, and we partner with a development team to solve your design problems.

We seek to build relationships between designers, contractors, and developers.

We believe the best way to complete a project is by partnering with all team members. Collaboration between different experts leads to fewer challenges, lower construction costs, and higher quality products. This significantly reduces the timeframe needed to complete a project. If we shrink the timeline between the start of a project to the day construction is complete, we will have created an immense amount of value to our clients.

Through the relationship with our parent company,

Precision Metal Buildings,

we create innovative design solutions backed by the “know how” and experience of a veteran General Contractor.

Why Choose Us?

Case #1

What happens when challenges arise during construction that were not accounted for during design? It creates tension between the developer, contractor, or designer because regardless of fault, it ultimately adds costs to the project. Worst of all, changes during construction always cost more than if they could have been avoided during the design process. 



There will always be unknowns and obstacles during construction, but we utlize our design and construction experience to avoid as many conflicts as possible. We perform a detailed investigation during the planning process to review site constraints and unocover potential problems before construction. We review the design and collaborate with the project team to create the best solution. We’ve found that forming these partnerships lead to less expensive and better quality projects.

Case #2

You're right! Many design professionals have little to no trouble creating ideas, but do they actually stop to consider the cost or constructability? This stereotype in the Architecture & Engineering world is true more than most professionals like to admit.



We are familiar with the means and methods of construction and we make it a priortiy to remain "up-to-date" on current job costs and construction practices. We use our experience to deliver constructable and cost-effective solutions.

Case #3

Are you tired of managing multiple consultants across the design phase of a project? Do you even know where to begin? Spending time procuring design services and building a design team restricts your ability to focus on what matters most to you. 



We are here to manage the process for you. Our priority is to help make the deal work for you and to eliminate the headache of managing the people and challenges that don’t give the greatest return on your time. 


Personalized Service

Located in northeast Georgia, Precision Design Consultants was founded by Dylan Lee, P.E., a Civil Engineer and General Contractor with more than a decade of experience in land development, engineering design, and construction management.

Dylan and his team are committed to partnering with designers, contractors, and developers to build better projects and provide the highest quality development solutions.